About the pages
Sometimes an idea takes off, and needs to be chased for a while.

These pages all are things which have been started out and developed right here on the iPad, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes from an image taken on it, or found 'in the air'.

As wikipedia has it: "A notebook (notepad, writing pad, drawing pad, legal pad) is a book or binder composed of pages of notes, often ruled, made out of paper, used for purposes including recording notes or memoranda, writing, drawing, and scrapbooking."

Sometimes in my notebooks, the functions above merged with those of a diary. I expect the same will happen here, and there will be an interplay between the pages and the journal. The pages though, should be more general than personal.
January moon
Made on an iPad

A small site created on the iPad, with things made on it.
Locked In
On your knees!
A Portrait...
A Lunar Ritual
Salt & Iron