25th February 2012: The piece of wood came to me in the post. (sent by Karen Thompson)
Then came the picture, and the quote below afterwards.

"Hecate is the oldest Greek triform goddess. She is at the same time the three-phased Moon, and, in particular, it's dark phase. She is the Dark Mother, or Crone aspect and a major deity of the Dianic tradition. In the Greek pantheon, Hecate Triformis is known as Artemis, Persephone and Hecate. Hecate is sometimes seen as the third aspect of the Trinity Persephone/Demeter/ Hecate for it is Hecate who leads Demeter to her daughter. She is a "dark" goddess, associated with magic and the night. She is often portrayed with 3 heads or with a 3 headed dog. She was worshipped mostly at crossroads where offerings were left for her, known sometimes as "Hecate's Suppers", were left there late at night on the eve of the full Moon. The person leaving the food walked away without looking back, for fear of confronting the goddess face to face. This was a way of honoring the threefold goddess where one could look three ways at once. Other offerings included honey, dogs, black ewes and sometimes even humans."

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