The Digital Notebook
Note-making can be a mode of thought, and a good note-book a record of it as it happens like a personal intimate journal; not so much concerned with the passage of days, but the collection of those parts of life which seemed worth hanging on to, and which otherwise would disappear, irretrievably. If looked at later on. with a greater knowledge of their immediate landscape they can help you to see into yourself. Like other people's rubbish, (which is very interesting) a collection of your own rubbish viewed later, from a standpoint inevitably changed by the passage of time can yield a treasure of insight; like a time capsule. Whilst out walking, I can't help picking up bits & pieces of evidence of where I've been. This 'stuff' is charged with memories of where I found it, and complete with its own history - about which I can only guess.  

I have always kept notebooks in one form or another. In 1969, whilst at the Royal College of Art, I found that my ‘notes’ included all manner of scraps of paper and I started a sort of boxed loose leaf notebook to try and accommodate the stuff I was accumulating. This was inevitably ungainly and I soon reverted to the handy pocket sized ones which I have used ever since.

In the last few years a digital camera has become another kind of notebook. I have had the idea of making a kind of experimental website for several years, but it was during a holiday in Scotland and the Western Isles during this summer that I started playing with what I was finding on the spot with the laptop. This prompted this digital notebook, which combines the need for mixing the findings in the digital camera with conventional notebook activity and can thus be my experimental website too, in addition to the usual notebooks which I keep.

There are a few links in the pages, here and there. They are not necessarily obvious as I didn’t want to infest the pages with buttons and logos, but mousing over things should reveal things which link to other pages or sites.

John Hodkinson August 2010