by J. H. Badley

Founder of Bedales SchooI. Headmaster 1893-1935
George Allen & Unwin 1955

.For more than forty years I keve spent one, if not more, of my holidays each year in the Lake district, where my sisters lived at Grasmere since the break-up of our old Dudley home. I know of no piece of country anywhere in which, within equally narrow limits, there are so many distinctive combinations of natural grandeur (a matter not of size but of proportion) with the friendly aspect given by centuries of homely occupation. Besides the familiarity gained by tramping over every part of a district of such great and varied natural beauty, one of the joys associated with these annual visits was a friendship to which such scenes gave a perfect setting. Fred Yates, the painter, after wanderings in three continents, had settled in Rydal. There for the latter half of his life he found abundant subjects for his brush, within a few miles of his home, when he was not engaged upon portraits of those who came to sit to him.